We are currently working on a rather intense case at the moment. We believe the activity to be demonic in nature. The family of 12 has been under attack for years by this activity and we are taking the proper steps and precautions to get this family some answers with the main goal or ridding the house of any negative forces or energy. The success of this action will depend on the willingness of the family to take the proper steps in the coming weeks and beyond not only to get rid of the current manifestations but to prevent further problems. I will be posting an in depth review of the case file, notes and whatever evidence we collect within the next week or so. I have updated all of my equipment to capture the best standard of evidence possible for our records and for that of the church. Keep the Family in your prayers.

in5anitymau5 asked: “I'm glad I found this blog; it's really chilling. Whatever you do don't stop :D”

Thank you!

that-sammy-bitch asked: “your blog scares me :-;”

Lol hopefully that’s a good thing?

First investigation of October 2014. Coming soon!

This cemetery turned out to be one of the most active locations we have ever investigated. Settled deep within the dense forest of southern West Virginia this seemingly quiet place of rest turned out to be anything but. One of the few places I’ve investigated that I feel comfortable labeling as a demonic haunting.

Anonymous asked: “Which part of the Appalachians are you all from? I am from the Blue Ridge mountains.”

We live in West Virginia

Fall/Winter Investigations.

With fall and winter fast approaching I am getting pretty excited about some potential cases in the works. At the moment I am updating some equipment and getting things back in order after a bit of a break from field work. Check back for updates! Cases begin again in October!

Twin City Opera House Investigation 2014 coming soon!

Twin City Opera House Investigation 2014 coming soon!

A British tourist snapping photos on Alcatraz claims to have captured the image of a ghost, complete with hair and clothing from a bygone era. “I knew straight away that the woman in the photo was a ghost,” Sheila Sillery-Walsh.

In a disturbing discovery revealed this week, nearly 800 children were found in a mass grave near a former home for unwed mothers and their children. The children are believed to have been buried in a septic tank on the grounds of the home.