First investigation of October 2014. Coming soon!

This cemetery turned out to be one of the most active locations we have ever investigated. Settled deep within the dense forest of southern West Virginia this seemingly quiet place of rest turned out to be anything but. One of the few places I’ve investigated that I feel comfortable labeling as a demonic haunting.

Anonymous asked: “Which part of the Appalachians are you all from? I am from the Blue Ridge mountains.”

We live in West Virginia

Fall/Winter Investigations.

With fall and winter fast approaching I am getting pretty excited about some potential cases in the works. At the moment I am updating some equipment and getting things back in order after a bit of a break from field work. Check back for updates! Cases begin again in October!

Twin City Opera House Investigation 2014 coming soon!

Twin City Opera House Investigation 2014 coming soon!

A British tourist snapping photos on Alcatraz claims to have captured the image of a ghost, complete with hair and clothing from a bygone era. “I knew straight away that the woman in the photo was a ghost,” Sheila Sillery-Walsh.

In a disturbing discovery revealed this week, nearly 800 children were found in a mass grave near a former home for unwed mothers and their children. The children are believed to have been buried in a septic tank on the grounds of the home.

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"Ghosts" Redefined

People approach me all the time and ask me one of the most fundamental questions you could ever ask someone in my field of study,

"Do you believe in Ghosts?"

My answer to this question might surprise you! In the following article I will attempt to present to you a very unique and quite possibly more accurate definition of a “Ghost” and my thoughts and beliefs on the subject.

-Stone Tape Theory…Expanded

I figured this would be a good place to start as sort of a foundation and build up from here. So, Here we go! Stone-Tape Theory is the belief that certain stones, minerals, woods and materials can collect and absorb Mental, Emotional and “Place” Energies. When an event of high emotional turmoil occurs, the energies released during this event are absorbed into the surrounding environment. There, the energy builds and builds and can gradually release itself over periods of time or can be stimulated into action by recreating likened conditions to the original event. These energetical bursts can manifest in various forms and phenomenon such as Disembodied Voices, Shadow Figures, Vaparious Apparitions, Phantom Smells, Feelings and Memories and various other instances. This explains why the majority of Ghost sightings seem very impersonal and distant. These apparitions are often seen scaling sets of stairs that formerly existed in a location in the past that are not currently present and even Going through solid walls where doorways once stood. These energies are replaying themselves in the same fashion they were originally recorded no matter the current situation or conditions. Literally history is alive and well and the walls are talking!

I know what you are thinking, this may seem a bit of a stretch but the latest discoveries in science are actually proving this concept. I read in a recent article by a very well known and respected university that some minerals actually do conduct and contain energy. The scientists behind the article are actually building computer chips out of Quartz Crystal and clam this mineral can retain information on a level never thought possible and also conducts Electromagnetic Charges with ease. Think of it like this, During the heat of the day a stone is heated by the sun and energized in the form of thermal radiation. When night approaches, the environment cools but the rock retains the energy collected from the sun and slowly releases it in the form of heat. This is basically the same thing Investigators are talking about when they speak of residual hauntings. It is just the collection, containment and gradual release of energy simply in another form. You could also approach this from a Physics perspective. You start diving into things like Quantum Mechanics, Energy moving throughout higher dimensions of space and time and even the relationships between energy and matter and it all seems to go hand in hand. Albert Einstein said it best, “Energy can not be destroyed, it simply transforms from one state to another”. Think about this from a scientific perspective. When viewed from a perspective of the principle known as Occams Razor (Which is the scientific problem solving principle that suggests in a situation where all things being equal, the simplest answer tends to be the right one) what makes the most sense? A world full of spirits with no eternal purpose and destination roaming the earth for all eternity or something as basic and simple as energy transference…. You decide.


This is not to say I don’t believe in the soul or life after death because I most certainly do. I just do not believe the soul remains earthbound upon death. From my own case files and research I have come to uphold the old fashioned Heaven or Hell solution when it comes to the eternal destination of the soul. Pretty much I believe all the Paranormal Activity associated with a haunting have two possible points of origin. They are either A) Residual Energy being gradually released over time in the form of place memory or B) Demonic in nature, this explains some of the seemingly intelligent interactions associated with a Haunting. It all comes down to common sense. Demons lie, manipulate and destroy. It is a known fact that demonic forces mimic and imitate deceased loved ones, spirits of children and beings of light. Therefore, you can not in good conscious trust any of these manifestations and you should assume the worst in all cases. Better safe than sorry is always the answer. Anyway this is just sort of a brief outline as to where I stand on some foundational issues in the Paranormal Field. If you would like to know more or have any Questions feel free to contact me.
May God bless you and keep you always. In Jesus name, Amen!


Very interesting video! I don’t have an explanation for this at the moment!